It gets harder and harder to keep fighting when you pass up my every plea for help. Can’t you see that you are my sanity. I’m nothing with out you, but the more I lie awake thinking, the thought that you’re okay without me suddenly starts to creep in. I beg and plead for the simple things, texts to know you’re okay, a like on a picture of you, a phone call. Because of how I was raised however, and the fact of our distance, you keep slipping through my fingers. I can feel you losing interest, I can see in your eyes that when I talk you blankly stare. If I’m not for you, tell me. Don’t drag my heart through this. If you want something more, tell me. And I’ll just quietly slip away till I fade from all view. I’m hopeless I know. You knew that from the start. I just want you, all of you. One day ill be there, 360 somethin odd days late. But I will be there. I just hope, by some chance, you’re still mine when I get there.